New hairstyles for girls

New hairstyles can be attributed to the festive packings. Create hairstyles your child is not only fun but also interesting.

Thus, you create a shared small works of art that will long remain in your memory, and perhaps a photo album. Today we would like to tell you about the most beautiful Christmas hairstyles for girls, you can create at home without much effort. And the first blow – a node. This hairstyle has a lot to do ” where the individual strands of hair are taken from both sides of the head (the temple) are fixed behind, at the back.

We take this technique to create the basis for hair, but it will be much different from the classics. New Year’s holidays require special solutions, is not it?

Thus, the creation of hair:
1. Make a parting in the middle of the head, separating the hair from ear to ear. It will be a horizontal line.
2. Divide the strands into two parts, again, in the middle. Twist each strand of hair a few times until the end of the hair were tightly secured. To make it convenient twist first one way and fix it a little hairpin, and then proceed to the next.
3. When two strands are ready, tie them in a knot. This must be done very carefully so the hair does not split up. Then make another node.
4. Secure the ends of her hair with a thin elastic band that will not attract attention.

Complement this stylish hairstyle tiara “Snow Maiden” and we have prepared a charming hairstyle for the New Year. The main advantages of this installation lies in the fact that the hair remains loose and does not interfere with the child during the game and food. In addition, it is a real image of the princess. The same can be done on hair wavy hair, she looks very stylish.

If your child has very long hair, you can create a hairstyle “spit basket.” Create this trendy hairstyle is not as difficult as it seems, and there are a lot of its styling technology. We’ll talk about each of them, well, you choose one that you like best.

Option 1 – the weaving of ear

How can I create?

In this case, your main task will be woven braids around her head on the spike technology, which in turn implies entanglement of additional strands of hair. This hairstyle can be filled in, as long hair, and the average length of hair.

What should I do?
1. Take a small strand of hair at the temple, and divide it into three equal parts.
2. Begin braiding braids three strands.
3. Gradually add a small portion of hair to one side of the strands, so as to weave all the hair in a circle.
4. When fully plaited braid, secure it with a thin rubber band.
our hair done.

Option 2 –

If weaving spike does not suit you, we offer you a very simple version. However, this option is in contrast to spikelets suggests long hair. How to braid?
1. Gather hair into a low ponytail.
2. Divide the strand into two parts. At each ordinary plait her hair into three strands.
3. Right side of the lock of hair with pins on the right, left, respectively, on the left.
4. The tips of the hair hide under the braid.
5. Secure with hairspray.
our hair done.

This fashionable styling can also create a different way. To do this, divide hair into two ponytails and gather in the area behind the ears. At each plait braids. Further, the technology continues, we must fix hair pins. The only difference is that we hide the visible joints hair and it looks more aesthetically pleasing. To look festive basket of hair, use hair spray glitter. By the way, a good solution would be weaving ribbons into a braid. Make it easy. Once you have divided the hair into three strands, attach them to the tape unit and continue weaving familiar.

Another trendy hairstyle that is perfect for the New Year – a beam with a scythe. If you want to create a complex and fascinating image of a pony is what you need!

How to create hair?
1. Comb your hair and gather them in the tail.
2. Plait in her hair braid and secure it with rubber bands so that the remaining 10 cm of hair.
3. Wrap the braid around the base of the tail and lock pins. The tips of the hair disunite into several parts and using hairspray fashioned locks that go over the hair.
4. Our hair is ready!

New hairstyles for girls may be represented by their tails. This is the easiest option to create hairstyles, but no less beautiful. To create the hairstyle you just need to gather your hair in a ponytail and secure with bobby pins beautiful theme. Well, if the tips of the hair will be curled in ringlets, it will give special hairstyles chic. Happy Holidays.

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