Hairstyles for Hair with rim

What kind of rims for the hair in fashion?

One of the most beautiful hair rims have always been considered a model in the style. It is generally bohemian hair ornaments with stones, as well as chains, ropes and wreaths of flowers. If you want to be in the center of attention, pay attention to the bohemian headbands for the hair – is the main trend of the season. Headbands of cloth and a variety of dressings are also in vogue. The new season of special popular hoops, elastics, and headbands with a variety of prints.


Classic rims with stones, brooches and metal accents – great for holiday events. This ring will emphasize your image and make it memorable. If you want to create a romantic image, the ideal would be headbands with flowers, feathers and bows. Such a ring may have a thin base and volumetric accents.

  • Hairstyles for Hair with rims

You will be surprised, but the most common hairstyle with a rim became fashionable styling hair . In fact, it has no equal.

This holiday hairstyle that goes for most girls. In the new season, designers are advised to pay attention to the fine hair and even perm hair. Bulk hair in a fashion, paired with a perfect stacking rims look on a thin base with three-dimensional flower. But for small curls fit rims with stones and chains.

Hairstyle high beam looks perfect paired with a fashion accessory such as a bezel. In particular, this involves voluminous hair styling accessories such as headbands. And the designers emphasize the wider band, the better. What to look for. In the new season on top of the pop bands from the prints.

The fashion is a geometric figure and floral print. In addition, in a fashion bright neon colors such as yellow, coral, turquoise, etc. Add the rim in the Greek style can be absolutely any braid, especially when you consider that the spit now in vogue. To braid hair would be the best silk ribbon or a string of pearls.

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