Women’s haircuts up to the ear

Short haircuts (8)Hair, ending just above the ear, look very sexy. Look at the top of the cutting length, including shorter beans loved by many celebrities.

If you wear long hair cut to ear, then look no less romantic than the holders of longer hair. Take a look at the most popular women’s haircuts to ear length, from short beans to careless short hairstyles that are worn by many stars.

Short haircuts women up to the ear can be of different forms, but most of them require a certain splendor of hair, and they do not look very good on the straight thick hair, unless, of course, made one of the well-designed classic bob-bob haircuts. Here are some of the most recent versions of women’s haircuts up to the ear. Find your favorite among them to look modern and feminine.

Pixie Haircut

One of the favorite hairstyles Rihanna’s pixie haircut was picked up by other celebrities such as Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway, and with no little success. Cute short pixie can add thinned bangs that lightly touches the forehead – it looks very stylish.

A very short haircut

Do yourself a haircut superkorotkuyu at the temples, Miley Cyrus was able to turn an ordinary very short haircut in an incredibly stylish model, which is mainly suitable round face. Refrain from such hairstyles, if you long face.

Short hair

Short hair – one of the most carefree hairstyle up to the ear, but it requires intensive daily care, as need to maintain a certain texture of hair, if they are by nature very straight or flat. For more naughty hair curl the ends.

Careless haircut

For a little sloppy haircuts, such as that of Halle Berry, for example, requires a lush, thick hair in the upper zone and shorter strands at the temples, but do not add extra volume on the nature of curly hair. If you choose to omit the hair to close the forehead, then a trailing fringe.


My favorite Rihanna and Pink, a short does not always super whiskey. Easy-to-haircut, but sophisticated in styling, which, however, depends on the type of hair, short ” can be called the sexiest of all the women’s hair length to ear, if you know how to wear it properly.

The inverted bob

Among the many styles of short beans to ear length inverted bob is not too simple in execution, but the results can be just excellent, especially if you need a haircut women up to the ear with long locks. This hairstyle is worn by Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley and other stylish star looks extremely elegant.


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