Trendy bangs 2013

To every girl sometimes comes the desire to change something in yourself, you want to change your hairstyle. But it is very difficult to decide to radically change the hairstyle, it’s quite a bold step, especially for owners of long luxurious hair. Even after such an experiment would have to wait quite a long time, when the hair re-grow back to its former length.

But there is a way out – one of the generic change her hair – a lock of hair, which does not require any radical methods. Famous hairdressers, stylists offer a variety of fashionable women of fashion fringe in 2013, which we consider in more detail in the current article.  In 2013, the actual long (sometimes even covering the eyes) and thick bangs. Especially good they look in hairstyles created in the style of bohemian chic (bangs gives a light shade of sloppiness in the spirit of grunge) and the long smooth hair.  straight and smooth – is the simplest version of bangs, which will be relevant in the current season. It is perfectly fit as a straight long hair, short and smooth cut. We should also note the version of the haircut in the style of Mireille Mathieu.

In combination with the ultra-short hair and just more and more often asymmetrical long chelochki. But the application of the fringe is not prohibited by or in conjunction with the hair of medium length and long. You also need to pay attention to the current mix of smooth with a slight bang on the head or mess with the curly locks.  in 2013 will be popular with curled bangs, which will provide a good opportunity for her to grow. And, of course, bang “torn”, which is usually combined with short hair. In order to keep up with fashion is not necessarily to get a haircut, as mentioned earlier, because you can make a variety of hair through a “torn” fringe. In 2013, the “ragged” bangs are popular among female fashionist. You can choose a short, long, asymmetrical, flat bangs with a “ragged” edges. Bangs can be life as a volume, and more subtle. The choice of species depends on the fringe of what effect you want to achieve a result.  particularly well, “torn” fringe look at the disheveled hair and smooth, and flawless to form a trend hairstyle with wavy hair and bangs smooth or ruffled hair. very exciting watch from the sidelines to see how fashion trends originate, and then reach the top and then pop back out in the past, only to find some time to come back to us.

If you look at the history of fashion, then clearly you understand that fashion, including hairstyles and dictates the time, you can on this subject and argued for a long time to talk, the conclusion is unambiguous, 21 for the second decade, sweeping the planet. His breath is felt in everything in fashion and technology of its equipment, which is reflected in the rise to a new level not previously available to it, and fashionable bangs, like a little piece of the general fashion trends, the fact is no exception.

Trendy bangs 2013, characterized by a general tendency of a radically new technology haircut, unusual, sometimes fantastically alluring shapes, bold color schemes and ways of styling bangs after shearing. Moreover, changing the ways of styling, stylists are making a presentation of a way to cutting bangs in numerous modifications. Thereby allowing them to owners, come close to the dream of a permanent upgrade its image, which contributes to the achievement of outstanding success in all life orbits of female presence.

Moreover, the fashion fringe in 2013 so strongly enter into life, which is expected to boom in the mass, if previously it was thought that the fringe is only required owners of a large forehead, then in the new year and beyond, bangs, “will acquire” all the ladies.Bang in the future, beyond the leading position in the hair as a whole, it is explained on the one hand by the fact that there is nothing fundamentally new in the creation of future hair, come up with is almost impossible. During the existence of mankind, exhausted almost all possibilities in this area, and only provide us with bangs untapped reservoir of opportunities, through which it will be possible and create an entirely new and trendy hairstyles of the 21st century, and, in a completely unlimited.

Trendy hairstyles in 2013, form and technique haircut.

Dense, homogeneous bangs, all forms, in 2013, still maintain a presence, but will be visible brand new cutting technique that allows you to “thin out” bang, regardless of its form, so that the emphasis was on creation of separate strands, and, of varying lengths.
Length of the bangs, this year, will increase markedly, it is also connected tems that bangs will be exposed to different ways of styling, but to accomplish this task, length plays a role. As for the forms of bangs, then they absolutely have a place to be in 2013, but, as already mentioned, an entirely new capacity, and updated on the technique.
Sloping bangs will be different maximum differentiation, and especially the presence of a pronounced “strands”, straight bangs will be a mandatory thinning on the bottom, in addition, they will also be marked “strands”.
At the peak of the fashion fringe will rise, as extended in the center, they will make the maximum emphasis on the eyes, with a certain make-up, which turns out fantastically stylish image of a girl of the 21st century.Trendy bangs 2013, color.
The contrast and the irreconcilability of fashion in recent years, clearly reflected in the color and fashionable bangs in 2013, will become very fashionable colors do not match the rest of the hair and bangs, and the brighter will be bang, the better penetration in the “top ten”. A special combination of chic and bang, with the most contrast in color, with a solid color the rest of the hair, and a combination of hair with a one-color fringe, from the drop-down applied gamut colors.
Characteristic for the upcoming fashion hair color in general, and on the fringe, in particular, will be no predominance of any one color, the fashion will once again accentuate the brightness, courage, irreconcilability when choosing colors for coloring bangs. In fashion and innovation will become the division of their color, ranging from three to four – five colors are used, the division is to be both vertically and horizontally, with clear boundaries in color.
Trendy bangs 2013, styling.
In 2013, coming into fashion is not just high-quality and fashionable bangs trimmed, but the way her hair in a presentation as a whole. A very popular style your bangs will be varied and the use of accessories in a variety of prikolok and applicators for the hair.
In addition to actively be used, and different styling, mousses, gels, waxes, glosses, varnishes, etc., bouffant bangs will be more bold and aggressive, he was allowed absolutely all types of hairstyles bangs, in addition, may be partial and fleece Bang, that is a separate part of the basis of the planned style.
It is fashionable to be laid bang, with fleece, and then lift it up, with fastening by means of pins.
In conclusion, I want to say that in the traditional form of bangs would be appropriate only for older women, and for the young fashionist, there is no limit flying fantasies.

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