Hot hair cut

In some women, hair is prone to dryness, brittleness and loss of gloss. And some are inherited by the hair. This is a problem that requires special care. For such hair cutting scissors can do the usual more harm to their health. In this case it is better to resort to scissors haircut hot (or hot termostrizhke haircut). This new method of cutting, which will not only give her hair trimmed beautiful shape, but also contribute to hair treatment. In carrying out this hot pair of scissors cutting hair ends are sealed, thus protecting them from the effects of harmful environmental factors. This prevents cross-section of hair to a recovery mechanism to restore their structure. The hair becomes healthy, shiny, voluminous. consider the main benefits of hot hairstyles

1. It helps to eliminate split ends, which is especially important for girls with long hair.

2. new hairstyle, created with the help of hot shears, keeps its shape much longer, and always looks interesting.

3. Thin hair hot hairstyle gives more volume.

4. dyed and damaged hair perm hairstyle can help restore elasticity and natural.

5. Already after the first procedure creates a visible effect of volume and healthy hair.

6. hair is much easier to style.

7 . Curly hair after a hot haircut quickly amenable to straightening. All of this just fine. But there is in this way cut and certain disadvantages.

To perform a haircut with hot scissors, we must be prepared to spend on it is about twice as long. But that’s not all. The cost of a haircut in two to three times more common. Make it may be only a professional hairdresser in a good salon, because besides being able to cut, we should have the right to select the temperature of the scissors, which depends on the type of hair. In order to achieve not only a good cosmetic effect, but also medical, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 procedures. For the regular support of health and beauty of your hair should always be cut with hot scissors. contraindications for hot haircut does not exist. It is well suited for cutting the hair of any length and type. The only limitation – it can not be done on wigs and hair extensions made ​​from synthetic materials.

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