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Egyptian haircuts and hair colors (1)This year’s hairstyles are, together with the technicians of color, one of the major players in the world of hairdressing. A new concept of working with scissors to give your image a very personal touch, full of originality. And in the great success of the cuts of the season, one of the highlights is the front, which is continually gaining adherents in providing very marked asymmetries.

For now we’ll see some haircuts Egyptian style , which is fringed with unshakable righteousness and millimeter, and whose sides are responsible for giving that touch renovated characterized by inequality. A real contrast effect that defines a woman very confident and whose personality allows you to take note with trendy styling, unconventional and very striking.

For all lengths

Whether you have short hair or slightly longer, Egyptian-inspired cuts are a good option to go to fashion. In the case of cortitos, you’ll wear a neck clear and well marked, so the effect will contrast the side long locks will be much more impressive. As for the long hair , you can play with different heights that mark the front court , since this is where we can create greater impact, even as a deliberate step.

Egyptian haircuts and hair colors (2)

The touch of color

How could it be otherwise, I could not end this post without remembering the importance of touch of color in a haircut like this. It is appropriate to emphasize and magnify further jumping jacks with dyes or highlights, an option that this season is almost obligatory, both natural finishes as other fantasy.

Egyptian haircuts and hair colors (3)

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