New trends in hair coloring

Waking up in the morning, one day, you irrevocably realize that you have deeply tired of being a brunette. You wanted to become a redhead, well, or blonde. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to determine the future of hair color. But, fortunately, we women, current trends Hairdressing presented a great opportunity to change the color of the hair at least twice a month. Well, what you do not have a way out of such a complex and problematic situation? After all, as a result of these experiments is very easy to find a suitable and trendy color. After that, fix it resistant paint. Of course, the most important – is to choose a quality paint for the hair. As you probably already realized, our today’s topic is: “New trends in hair coloring.”

New technologies promise us a huge range of modern facilities in order to radically change its image. And, most importantly, with minimal harm to our hair. Painting in this area are very comfortable and, most importantly, easy to use. So you will have no difficulty to do it at home.

We begin with the most fashionable color of hair dyes, and then take a closer look modern cosmetics for coloring. So what are the trends in painting fashionable this year? This season’s trendy shades of hair colors will be quiet, close to natural. In other words, the current fashion welcomes all shades of natural and as much as possible of the natural hair color. Dark colors are: dark chocolate, brown, copper, and all shades of light brown color. As for the relatively dark-colored hair, the modern trend hairdressing pay significant attention to is brunettes and brown hair. So here you should definitely think about it.

From the ever-fashionable blonde actual colors are: wheat, pearl, cream, copper and caramel. Also relevant are shades of cinnamon, wet sand, spray champagne and cool shades of white (ash).

Red hair color will become much more fashionable if it is combined with pale strands. The mod is still the usual coloring and highlighting hair. Regarding the latter, then there should not be experimenting with more colors and even more vivid colors. Anyway, the bright hues of hair this year is not recommended stylists.

So, with fashionable hair liquor, relevant in this season, I think we understand. New trends in hairdressing in terms of hair color is now familiar to us, as they say, “from” and “up”. Now, as promised above, we proceed directly to the modern and advanced cosmetics for coloring our hair.

What new technologies are best used for this case? We begin with the modern tools for toning paint your hair – it’s tint foam. It is not intended to abrupt changes in color. Its main goal – the revival of an existing shade or one of the ways to try, so to speak, a new shade. Hair is washed from the tool 6-8 times after shampooing. That is, the degree of resistance is equal to “1”. This foam does not contain ammonia, which is the basis for safe coloring without damaging the hair. Among the shortcomings highlight what she paints the gray hair and bad lightens dark hair.

Mascara for the Hair ? the easiest and simplest way to change hair color. It is worth noting that single-use ink, that is, it will keep the color until you charge to wash his head. Its main advantages is said to be that it is absolutely harmless to the structure of hair and is very easy to hide gray hair, and with it you can easily select strands of hair a different color. Cons mascara for the hair: after using it stleduet avoid getting water on the hair.

Toning shampoo ? a tool for painting hair, which will help to highlight and strengthen the level of tint to your hair, or modify their tone. Toning shampoo is completely safe for the structure of your hair.

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