How to choose a new hair color

Every woman  how  to pick a hair color ? First we need to determine the type of appearance. It can be warm or cold. When you have decided this, it is important to choose the color. If you dye your hair for the first time, you should find an unstable dye. This will help to understand how the solution to your chosen color. In the selection of Paint should not be guided by the picture on the box, and the samples in the catalog.

If you have a warm skin tone and dark eyes – you will approach the warm shades, and if your eyes are bright and green, you’ll quickly burn in the sun, then your shades – cool. More about this you can find information in books and on the Internet.

If you would like to become a blonde, is there a way to know whether you suit blonde hair. If as a child your hair was white or light-colored, most likely, you will be a blonde! For starters, you can make the highlights and see how the color suits you.

Well, if your decision to become a passionate redhead woman, then you need to choose the right shade, so as not to become like a clown. This color is more suitable cold type of women or a woman with pink skin.

Often a woman is forced to start color my hair to hide gray hair. If a gray hair on his head is less than half, it is best to use the sparing of paint. In order not to injure the hair.

If it happened that you have damaged hair or scalp staining, it is best to consult a specialist. You may have too sensitive skin of the head or you were wrong proportions of paint and peroxide.

Do not change your appearance dramatically – on their own. Home dyeing is only suitable for those who want a little shade or change the color gray. Major changes in their image is better done in the salon, where you will prompt the best option, select the most important masters of whom you trust

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