Fashionable hair color in 2012

Fashion is changing rapidly, and it’s not just clothes and shoes, and hair color. Fashionable hair color in 2012 is no longer what it was in vogue in the past year. Stylists say that even the most fashionable dress, yesterday appeared at the podium, can spoil the wrong color hair, which was relevant a couple of seasons ago. So if you follow the fashion, pay attention not only to clothing and accessories, but also shades of hair.

However, to have fashionable hair color in 2012, it is not necessary to repaint the hair radically every season – enough to set off, lightly brush the natural color, highlighting, or coloring to do.

Regardless of the procedure, you are going to do, be sure to consult with the master – he tells you the best option that is suitable for your complexion, color of eyes and eyebrows.

Do not forget about the state of the hair – if you have recently made a perm or a painting, you need to give the shock of hair a break from the influence of reagents. In addition, recent procedures may affect the future cast the most radical way.

If you’re determined to change, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends in hair color in 2012.

Fashionable hair color 2012: The Snow Queen

We begin with the most interesting and perhaps a little strange trend – from hair gray. Introducing the new collection of clothes, designers, as if by agreement, released to the podium serovlasyh models. Perhaps, they are influenced by the ubiquitous Lady Gaga, who often appeared before the public in such an unusual shade, although some stylists say that wholesale fashion silver hair gave rise to Meryl Streep. Nevertheless, the fact remains – Gray in favor. If you’ve always wanted to change the appearance of the most radically, trendy hair color will come in handy – your new image just will not go unnoticed.

However, if gray hair is too extreme for you, give your hair a shade precious platinum.

Red – the color of the hair in 2012

Brown girls are always attracted attention, including the masters of hairdressing. If you decide in the coming year to look not just bright and stunning, it’s time to change hair color from brown-haired (brunettes, blondes) become reddish miracle. In 2012, the stylists offer to conquer the surrounding fiery head of hair, which, in general, it is not surprising – if we are really waiting for the end of the world, it is better to live the remaining days vividly. If you are on a radical change, you will approach the red shades (you can combine several similar tones – it’s visually make hair more lively and volume).

Continue to remain current hair color that is not so long ago the singer Rihanna (who is also known as a shade 842 – apparently by analogy with the classic red lipstick by Dior). Recommended to see other possible hair color short hairstyles.

hair colour 2012

If, in his desire to become red until you have a huge amount of determination, you will approach a color as close to natural. It is also suitable for girls who are office dress code does not allow to appear in working with hair color is too bright.

Two colors of hair on one head

Remember how the premiere of the film “Whip It,” Drew Barrymore ends of her hair dyed black? In fact, the actress had already felt a great change in the technology of painting, only they appeared a little differently, and were called Ombre Hair. The trend that emerged only recently, is a form of dyeing, in which individual strands are not lightened, and only the tips of hair roots at the same time remain a natural color.

If you decide to do with my hair something like this, it is better not to experiment at home and apply to the master as to achieve a smooth transition line one shade to another in the home is very difficult.

Crazy Rainbow – a fashionable hair color in 2012

In 2012, a combination of two or three colors on the hair – not a sign of lack of taste, and one of their fashion trends. If you’ve always wanted to try something extreme, but there was no opportunity or desire, now is the time to translate their desire into reality and make a fabulous hairstyle. For the coloring can be used as a family, and contrasting colors, but it should be done with caution, or because a new hairstyle you can easily take as representative of the youth subculture.


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