Cool options for coloring hair for winter 2012-2013

Sometimes you want to give vent to emotions and be a real stinker? Then paint the hair a new color, date of the coming season! There are many colors for hair that is just waiting for you to finally try on. Look at the cool options for hair coloring , suitable for the winter season, and try new-to-date look.Accentuate the beauty of their stylish haircuts, color your hair in cool colors! A wide array of delicious shades of hair, among which is always to choose. A little patience, and you absolutely can find among them is the color of which have long dreamed of. If you need a new bright idea to take a look at these cool options for hair coloring, because it is an ideal choice for the upcoming winter season .

Original, creative hair color has always been a center of attraction of attention, so let your imagination, find the stunning style of painting that goes for you. However, to get the perfect hair color, be sure to pay attention to certain details, such as coloring process, a combination of hair color and skin tone. It is recommended to seek professional help from the master, which will radically transformed.

Blond has become a style icon, and if you’re willing to copy the style of Marilyn Monroe or Lady Gaga, paint a blonde, and all will be heads turn. Depending on personal preference and the degree of looseness can choose a simple, light color, from gold to platinum blonde. Or you can play rock ‘n’ roll, adding hair brightness and boldness with multitonalnogo highlighting. Red, pink, purple, blue, black, brown, yellow, orange – these are just a few more colors that you can paint the base blond to look super and relevant. Take a choice of colors a little more time to find the perfect combination of colors.

From saturated, causing the colors and up to a warm, relaxed hues – red color has become recognized as a magnet for public attention, because the red, of course, the color of passion. There is nothing surprising in the fact that women are always dreaming to experiment with the red. However, the color – not for the faint of heart, so before you paint the strands in a beautiful red color, please be brave enough to do. From the style of Rihanna with the transition from light red to dark, rich tone and hair to bright, fully colored only in red or cool plum – there will always be one shade of red, which was created just for you. Color your hair in a tone or mix shades of orange, copper and brown, to obtain a luxurious hair true diva.

In winter  are invited to wear shades of dark honey, rich caramel and hot coffee with milk – as in one-color hair, and supplemented by classroom highlighting that absolutely enhance the visual effect. Dark hair – is a universal basis for the beautiful coloring, so pick your perfect color, from blond to black. Accentuate gorgeous color, choosing contrasting colors, perfectly combined with the basic tone, and you’ll look simply delicious, attracting worldwide attention.

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