Blonde hair. Dyeing technology

Very fashionable and effective method of coloring hair – highlights. Highlighting Hair – one of the most popular method, which involves bleaching (whitening) of the individual  Technique highlighting various – weave through the cap, foil weave, etc.

Hair dyeing technique through the cap

Highlights through the cap is very popular and the easiest method (photo 1). For this method suitable short hair and the hair of medium length, as long as they did not have any styling products.

Dirty dry hair combed in the direction of hair, wears a cap on his head and through the hole with the hook pulled out the same thickness locks. The thicker the strands will pull out, the thicker will weave itself. Locks can be pulled out through one hole, making the weave less dense but more prominent, especially on dark hair. It is important that the holes in the cap were not torn, otherwise it will pull the various strands in thickness, and the lightening under a cap, which will give the effect of large bright spots all over my head

In the elongated strands is applied clarifying the composition and kept the right amount of time. Then, without removing the cap, the composition is washed off with water and shampoo. In the bleached locks applied balm or conditioner, but that cap shrinks. Balsam is rinsed along with all the hair. If melri vanney locks have turned yellow, then they can “whiten” the chemical dye colors with ash blond shade. In this case, by washing the lightening of using only water and a little shampoo. Cap is not removed. Bleached locks hair dryer and dried them on the cap is applied to the chemical dye. You can choose to use a different color and shade of paint.

Hair dyeing technique using straypera

Highlighting using straypera used on any hair length, and the locks can be clarified by the roots, which can not be achieved with a highlighting cap. Blonde hair running along the horizontal parting (picture 1).

Photo 4: Highlights in the semi-long haircut. Photo 5: Highlights on dyed hair.

On the edge of the hair growth is separated small strand of 5-6 cm in width, is captured by the left hand and with a tail comb through the same distance separated by thin 05.04 (picture 2). The separated strands should have the same thickness. Locks are placed on strayper, which is located close to the head prongs up, and they applied blond. It is important that the dye was a thick liquid dye has no effect. Blonde applied to the strands with a thick layer, then strayper removed, is then carried out with the removal of excess dye straypera teeth. ie strayper as if combing locks, but only once. The operation is repeated on adjacent strands. On the first strand of colored drops a second, it remains intact. Brunette goes to the third strand. Thus, in one, highlighting done to the crown. Loose strands colored dye does not stain the un dyed hair!

Technology highlighting the foil

Highlights on the foil is performed on the long hair and the hair of medium length . This method allows you to adjust the width and intensity  brighten, and their location (photo 2). traditional foil weave – the same arrangement of thin bleached all over the head – is performed by highlighting technology strayperom, separated only by thin strands is enclosed foil, which should be slightly wider and longer than twice painted. Planted on the foil is applied to the strands blonde thick layer, after which the foil rolls in half. The thickness and location of  regulated at will

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