How to grow long hair?

Long thick hair – the dream of every girl and the object of admiration for the male population. In order to grow long hair as quickly as possible, charming ladies are on different trick: use skin care products and beauty secrets grandmother. We selected for you the most effective ways on how quickly grow hair at home. How quickly grow our hair? The average rate of hair growth – about 1.5 inches per month. By simple calculations we can determine that grow long hair girl with medium length hair will turn out for about two years and a girl with short hair – for three. With the help of special equipment, stimulants can increase the speed of hair growth by 25-30% – which means little to reduce the agonizing months of waiting. Nutrition for hair growth Let’s start with the most important – will revise its menu. It’s no secret that the condition of hair, skin and nails depends on internal processes, and their healthy appearance is often the result sblansirovannosti vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the body. It is therefore important first to establish its power. What you need is to quickly grow long hair? First of all, it is foods rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iodine, potassium, zinc, beta carotene, manganese. It is necessary to lean on dairy products (cheese, cheese), fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Hair Care Proper daily care of the hair – a guarantee of health and beauty, and therefore the key to their rapid growth. Particular attention should be paid to proper cleaning and combing the hair, as well as the rational approach in the choice of means for their coloring, perming or straightening: - Use only suitable to your type of hair products (shampoos, balms, conditioners, rinse) - brush your hair more often – this will kind of massage the scalp, activating the inflow to the roots of the hair mineral nutrients - do not overdo it means for hair styling, hair dryer - Avoid painting “aggressive” colors for the hair ; - regularly trim split ends. details on how to care for hair, read relevant material on our site – “Hair Care at home” . Cosmetics for hair growth are many – but choose a high quality and suitable for you sometimes oh so hard! Ideal – professional counseling masters who can skillfully pick the right tool you need. In any case, it must necessarily be curative cosmetics, which by definition can not be cheap. How quickly grow hair – traditional medicine recipes recipes of our grandmothers – not a relic of the past, and a great addition to any other procedures to accelerate the growth of hair. The most effective means in this case are different concoctions for rinsing and hair masks. Mask onion . Unpleasant smell, but it’s good acts. Major chop onions with blender. Onion gruel thoroughly rub into the hair roots. Cover hair with plastic and roll up a towel on top. Keep the mask on his head for an hour, then rinse with warm water. decoction of burdock . Burdock is traditionally a part of many folk remedies of how to quickly grow hair at home. 1 tablespoon of burdock root pour a glass of boiling water. Boil in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool and rinse the hair resulting broth. Rinse the broth is not necessary. Mask of burdock . Fresh burdock root rinse with cold water, chop on a fine grater and squeeze out the juice. The resulting mush spread the hair roots. Wash it off after half an hour with warm water. honey solution . 3 tablespoons of honey dissolved in a liter of lukewarm water. Rub honey solution into the scalp twice a week. Burdock oil – is also quite an effective tool to rapidly grow long hair. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Rub the oil into the scalp twice a week, wrapping his head with a towel and plastic wrap. Duration of procedure – half an hour, after which the oil is needed to rinse the hair. mayonnaise mask . They will help strengthen the hair grow back. The procedure is performed in the same way as in the case of burdock oil. Masks of mustard . Mustard helps increase circulation to the scalp, causing hair will be filled with useful substances and accelerate its growth. For the preparation of such a mask, take a glass of dry mustard and slowly add the hot water into it, until a mass similar in consistency to sour cream. Spread mustard on the roots of the hair mask, wind them with cellophane and a towel. Wash off after 20 minutes with warm water. Make a mask once a week. Another recipe for how to quickly grow hair – Mask of the yeast . Dissolve 20 g of yeast in 2 cups lukewarm water, add 1 tablespoon Sugar. After 30-40 minutes the yeast ferment, and you can make a mask, causing a yeast paste on hair roots. Further steps are standard: cellophane, a towel and washing off with warm water and shampoo after 20 minutes. The periodicity of such a procedure – 2 times per month. Head Massage We have already mentioned scalp massage as a fairly effective tool to saturate the hair with nutrients as a result of activation of blood supply. If a massage with a brush you enough, you can make daily massage hands. Melt and carefully comb the hair. Get in close with your fingertips to the scalp under the hair and put pressure on it, moving deeper into a circular motion. When you reach the top of the head, lift your fingers and bring your hands in the direction of hair growth. Take a massage every day for 5-10 minutes. To enhance the effect, use during the procedure oils: castor or burdock. Do you want to grow long hair – hair cut! And our grandmothers believed in a force of nature, and with them associated with many rituals associated with the maintenance of female beauty. Thus, the procedure of hair cutting was considered almost a special ritual that has its own rules. In this regard, focused mostly on the moon. Those who wanted to quickly grow long hair, was advised to cut hair during the waxing moon. Take this advice and you! Now you know how fast to grow hair at home. Get started today – and after a few months you will become the owner of a beautiful well-groomed hair.

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